UiTM Education Excellence Trust Fund

(Akaun Amanah Dana Kecemerlangan Pendidikan UiTM)


UiTM Education Excellence Trust Fund was established on 3rd December 2007 with the purpose of realizing the university's dream of achieving academic excellence among staff and students in academic activities and programs both locally and overseas.


It is partly funded by contributions from the university’s staff and from students. Staff contribute through monthly salary deductions, while students make contributions study registration fees when entering as new students. 

With these funds, students have the opportunity showcase the results of their studies at seminars, conferences and workshops abroad. Students can also participate in student exchange programs with various institutions worldwide, while post-graduate students will have the opportunity to obtain funding for scientific research at organisations.


In the meantime, staff gain opportunities to present research findings at global conferences, participate in sabbatical / attachment programs abroad, join research programs in various fields with expert organisations otherwise not found domestically. These opportunities lead to sharing of knowledge and experience that not only bring depth to UiTM, but also promotes the university to other organisations when our own staff share their expertise. These ultimately lead to more opportunities to collaborate and spread the brand of UiTM. And these opportunities are not limited to academic staff, but open to administrative staff as well, as UiTM places great importance to continuous improvement of governance and administration of the university.


Since its establishment, the UiTM Education Excellence Fund has supported thousands of staff and student activities and programs globally, leading to greater collaborations with organisations worldwide. These activities and programs have led to numerous achievements and accolades such as:

UiTM Chamber Choir


UiTM Shell Eco Marathon Teams


MoHE Entrepreneurial Awards Champions


UiTM's First Satellite / Malaysia's First Satellite By A Public University


The Education Excellence Fund has also supported execution of various projects that led to increasing excellence in teaching and learning, publications, research. These include funding Internal Research Grants managed by UiTM's Institute of Research and Innovation Management (IRMI), UiTM's Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (UPTA) Scheme managed by Institute of Postgraduate Studies, the University Academic Awards and many others.


Contributions by the staff remains an integral part of the Education Excellence Fund and many more contributions are required in order to further accelerate UiTM's development towards excellence. As such, the staff of UiTM are highly encourage to start contributing now by clicking the link below: