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The University's academic information is currently managed using a number of primary systems designed in-house, which include:


1. Student Information Management System (SIMS)

SIMS is a system that manages students' academic-related information including study plan, parameters, academic status, course registration, exams, and others.


2. Integrated Course Registration and Smart Scheduling System (ICReSS)

ICReSS is a timetable scheduling system that functions to plan and structure students' and lecturers' timetable.


3. Academic Information Management System (AIMS)

AIMS is an academic system that is currently being developed to assist the University's overall academic management affairs. The six (6) modules of AIMS are as follows:

  • Academic Regulations and Policies Module
  • Curriculum Management Module
  • Academic Calendar Management Module
  • Scheduling Management Module
  • Workload Management Module
  • Examination Management Module

User Manual

Both SIMS and ICReSS are continuously managed and improved by the Infostructure Department and Academic Affairs Division.


4. MyATP

MyATP adalah sistem yang membantu proses penilaian prestasi tahunan staf akademik Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). Selain itu, ia juga berfungsi untuk mendapatkan maklumat berkaitan kegiatan penyelidikan, perundingan dan lain-lain bagi memudahkan laporan dan prestasi Universiti.