Welcome to Academic Affairs Division, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). As the biggest university in Malaysia, and one of the biggest in Asia, we face the challenge of ensuring academic quality of the whole network of campuses throughout Malaysia.  UiTM produces the highest percentage of professional human capital for the nation and this duty requires undivided commitment from all citizens of this institution, nurturing our students to bloom academically and professionally so that when they graduate, they are able to catalyse and contribute to the rapid growth of the nation.

The Academic Affairs Division is responsible to ensure the soundness of our academic programs as well as the robust, uniform and standardised academic delivery throughout the whole UiTM system across the nation.  To that effect, each unit within Academic Affairs Division has specific roles to play right from the entry of the students, our most important stakeholders, to their graduation encompassing all learning stages and processes in between.

It is our greatest honour to be the guardian of the academic heart of the university.  We move as a cohesive unit to drive the academic excellence of UiTM and will continue to do so in our effort to produce the best human capital for the country in terms of quality and quantity.



The Academic Affairs Division (BHEA) conducts the following activities:

• Managing the university curricula
• Providing consultation for programme development at all faculties/campuses
• Facilitating the accreditation of programmes by government agencies, national and international professional bodies
• Ensuring that assessments are valid, reliable, fair and consistent
• Formulating and disseminating information on academic policies, regulations and procedures
• Ensuring that academic policies, regulations and procedures are observed
• Standardising academic systems and processes
• Monitoring of computerised academic management systems
• Consolidating academic information
• Monitoring of academic processes and operations
• Planning and implementing academic development
• Monitoring of lecturer professionalism & student feedback
• Overseeing the implementation of academic policies
• Spearheading and initiating academic programmes for all faculties
• Managing academic appointments
• Providing provisions for lifelong learning
• Providing training, planning and management for continuous holistic staff improvement and succession planning
• Providing a platform for e-learning
• Leading the university towards internationalisation


 To establish UiTM as a premier university of outstanding scholarship and academic excellence capable of providing leadership to Bumiputeras’s dynamic involvement in all professional fields of world-class standards in order to produce globally competitive graduates of sound ethical standing.



 To enhance the knowledge and expertise of Bumiputeras in all fields of study through professional programmes, research work and community service based on moral values and professional ethics


The Academic Affairs Division (BHEA) oversees the academic administration of UiTM in line with the objectives of higher education set by the Ministry of Education. It plays a leading role in the academic development of UiTM. The main objectives are:

 to be current with the requirements and standards of professionalism in the world of academia

 to be involved in various academic-related activities such as research, innovations in teaching and 
learning and publications

 to manage academic processes and procedures

 to provide directions for academic developments

 to regulate academic systems and policies

 to ensure and assure the quality of academic assessments and

 to monitor academic standards