Welcome to Academic Affairs Division, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). As the biggest university in Malaysia, and one of the biggest in Asia, we face the challenge of ensuring academic quality of the whole network of campuses throughout Malaysia.  UiTM produces the highest percentage of professional human capital for the nation and this duty requires undivided commitment from all citizens of this institution, nurturing our students to bloom academically and professionally so that when they graduate, they are able to catalyse and contribute to the rapid growth of the nation.

The Academic Affairs Division is responsible to ensure the soundness of our academic programs as well as the robust, uniform and standardised academic delivery throughout the whole UiTM system across the nation.  To that effect, each unit within Academic Affairs Division has specific roles to play right from the entry of the students, our most important stakeholders, to their graduation encompassing all learning stages and processes in between.

It is our greatest honour to be the guardian of the academic heart of the university.  We move as a cohesive unit to drive the academic excellence of UiTM and will continue to do so in our effort to produce the best human capital for the country in terms of quality and quantity.