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The Academic Affairs Division (BHEA) conducts the following activities:

• Managing the university curricula
• Providing consultation for programme development at all faculties/campuses
• Facilitating the accreditation of programmes by government agencies, national and international professional bodies
• Ensuring that assessments are valid, reliable, fair and consistent
• Formulating and disseminating information on academic policies, regulations and procedures
• Ensuring that academic policies, regulations and procedures are observed
• Standardising academic systems and processes
• Monitoring of computerised academic management systems
• Consolidating academic information
• Monitoring of academic processes and operations
• Planning and implementing academic development
• Monitoring of lecturer professionalism & student feedback
• Overseeing the implementation of academic policies
• Spearheading and initiating academic programmes for all faculties
• Managing academic appointments
• Providing provisions for lifelong learning
• Providing training, planning and management for continuous holistic staff improvement and succession planning
• Providing a platform for e-learning
• Leading the university towards internationalisation