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Main Activities

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The Academic Affairs Division (BHEA) conducts the following activities:

Managing the university curricula
Providing consultation for programme development at all faculties/campuses
Facilitating the accreditation of programmes by government agencies, national and international professional bodies
Ensuring that assessments are valid, reliable, fair and consistent
Formulating and disseminating information on academic policies, regulations and procedures
Ensuring that academic policies, regulations and procedures are observed
Standardising academic systems and processes
• Monitoring of computerised academic management systems
• Consolidating academic information
• Monitoring of academic processes and operations
Planning and implementing academic development
• Monitoring of lecturer professionalism & student feedback
Overseeing the implementation of academic policies
Spearheading and initiating academic programmes for all faculties
Managing academic appointments
Providing provisions for lifelong learning
Providing training, planning and management for continuous holistic staff improvement and succession planning
Providing a platform for e-learning
Leading the university towards internationalisation