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New Programmes

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1. Flow Chart

A. Proses Penawaran Program Baharu

B. Prosidur Pengurusan Penawaran Program Baharu

C. Proses Semakan Dokumen MQA-01

D. Proses Kelulusan Program Baharu

2. Application for approval at university level


i. Format of Full Paperwork

ii. Format of Executive Summary

iii. Presentation Template

iv. Required Document : MQA-01

v. Flexible Curriculum New Program

iv. Checklist


i. Format for Paperwork

3. Application for approval at JKPT, KPT Level

A. Saringan Awal

i. Application Format

a) Application Template

ii. Presentation Template

B. Approval for Running Programme

i. Format of Full Paperwork for Coursework and Mixed Programmes

ii. Format of Full Paperwork for Programme by Research

iii. Format of Executive Summary

iv. Required attachments

a. Market Survey - Lampiran 2.1 ( BM , BI )

b. Curriculum Composition - Lampiran 2.2

c. Curriculum Structure - Lampiran 2.3

v. Required Documents - MQA-01 in softcopy - Lampiran 2.4

vi. Presentation Template

4. Application for programme approval at MQA level

A. Application for Provisional Accreditation (MQA-01)

i. Working Flow Chart

ii. Borang A

iii. Full Format Template (Part A,B and C)

iv. Part A -  HEP information

v. Document Checklist

a. for UHEK

b. for MQA

vi. Template for giving feedback to MQA

B. Application form for Letter of Provisional Accreditation

i. Lampiran B

C. Application for Full Acreditation (MQA-02)

i. Working Flow Chart

ii. Borang B

iii. Full Accreditation Document Preparation Guide

iii. Full Format Template (Part A,B,C and D)

iv. Part A - HEP information

D. Other information For PTJ

i. Coppa Report

ii. Allocation Report

iii. OIA

E. Meeting Commitee

5. Other Related Information

A. Guidelines for Writing Academic Programme

B. List of NEC broad fields and codes

C. Information on Niche area for UiTM

D. Bloom's Taxonomy Indicator V3

E. Online Survey Template

F. Evaluation Instrument of COPPA V5

G. Guna Tenaga Negara 2016

1. ILMIA Taklimat Tawaran Permintaan
2. Jabatan Statistik Permintaan dan Penawaran Tenaga Buruh
3. Jobstreet Presentation MOHE
4. Penawaran Guna Tenaga Negara - JPA
5. Penawaran Guna Tenaga - MIDA
6. Penawaran Guna Tenaga Negara - BPPA
7. Taklimat Proses Akreditasi dan Akreditasi Sementara - MQA
8. JKPT dan MSA - TalentCorp Malaysia