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Council of Postgraduate Studies (MPS)

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The Council Of Postgraduate Studies (Majlis Pengajian Siswazah – MPS) is accountable to the Senate in all matters relating to the academic affairs of postgraduate programs and students. It is responsible to ensure that the Postgraduate Academic Regulations are abided by and that the high academic quality and excellence of UiTM are upheld.

MPS is also responsible for:

  • Postgraduate intake and enrolment
  • Postgraduate academic development and research
  • Postgraduate academic management

MPS is chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International) and the membership comprises of the following:

Co-Attending member : Assistant Vice Chancellor (Research)

The Dean of Institute of Graduate Studies (IGS) is the secretary of MPS, assisted by the office of Institute of Graduate Studies as the MPS secretariate.

MPS Schedule for 2014