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Senate is the highest authority in the University for all academic matters. It is chaired by the Vice Chancellor and the membership comprises of the following:

  • All Deans of faculties/academic centres
  • Three (3) representatives from the Rectors of campuses, appointed by the Vice Chancellor
  • Three (3) senior members of the academic staff, appointed by the Board of Directors of the University

The Registrar of the University is the secretary of Senate, assisted by the Academic Affairs Division as the Senate secretariate.

Functions and Authority of Senate

1. Senate shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors on all matters relating to:

a) the content and organization of academic programs held at the University;

b) methods of learning, teaching and training at the University;

c) the standard of teaching, learning and training conducted at the University;

d) curriculum and academic programs conducted at the University;

e) the feasibility or otherwise of curriculum proposals/reviews for academic programs at the University;

f) the determination of the entry qualifications into any academic programs offered at the University;

g) proposals for the establishment of new academic programs to be carried out , or termination of any existing program conducted at the University; and

h) the award of academic honors , fellowships , graduate , diplomas, certificates , prizes, scholarships and other academic distinctions.

2. Senate is responsible for endorsing the results of student assessments and awards of all academic degrees at doctoral , master, bachelor, diploma and certificate levels.

3. For the purpose of enabling it to discharge its duties, Senate may appoint any committees or sub-committees consisting of Senate members and any persons co-opted as a member , where the co-opted persons do not have voting rights.

4. The Senate may empower or delegate any of its duties and responsibilities to committees or subcommittees .

5. Senate may determine its own procedure subject to Act 173.

Senate Schedule for 2014