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he Academic Affairs Division (BHEA) manages all academic affairs of the university. It was first established on 21 August 1969 when Institut Teknologi MARA (ITM) was first restructured. It was then headed by the Dean of Student Affairs. Initially, BHEA managed only nine (9) schools (which are now known as faculties) that offered 42 programmes. In 1988, ITM went through another restructuring. Three (3) Assistant Directors (Academic) were appointed to assist the Dean of Student Affairs. In 1998, ammendments were made to the ITM Act of 1976 that led to further changes. ITM was upgraded to a university status and hence named Universiti Teknologi MARA or UiTM.

Currently, BHEA is placed under the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International). It has two Academic Directors: 1) the Director of Academic Development, and 2) the Director of Curriculum Affairs, and aided by six Academic Heads: 1) Head of Academic Development, 2) Head of Academic Operations Management, 3) Head of Academic Management, 4) Head of Academic Curriculum, 5) Head of Academic Accreditation and Digitization, and 6) Head of Academic Assessment and Evaluation.


BHEA now manages academic matters of 26 faculties and 2 academic centres at the main campus and 13 state / branch / satellite campuses nation wide.


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